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BVS CA___35__ - industrial USB3 Vision camera with global shutter Sony Pregius CMOS Sensors
Model Number: BVS CA

By: Balluff GmbH

The Balluff Camera BVS CA___35__ is a USB3 Vision compliant camera for the acquisition and preprocessing of images. Application areas are optical identifications, inspections for quality assurance, and the measurement of objects. The camera can also be used in robot environments.

With the USB 3.0 interface, the host industrial system can affect the processes in the camera and receive customer-specific processed image data.

The Balluff Camera works with the he Balluff BVS Cockpit interface developed specifically for camera systems, however, it is also possible to configure and use the Balluff Camera with third-party software, which is compliant to the image processing standards USB3 Vision and GenICam.

The Balluff Camera has been designed in accordance with current, industrial standards:

- Image acquisition: Individual with C-mount lens with suitable filter; 1456 x 1088 to 4112 x 3008 pixels monochrome and color sensor. Monochrome models are equipped with an unfiltered protection glasses; color models with IR-Cut filters. - USB 3.0 connection via Standard USB 3 Micro-B - Configuration/monitoring via BVS Cockpit - Digitale input/output channels - 256 MB image memory

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