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ATS SmartVision - Machine Vision Software
Model Number: ATS SmartVision Release 7.0.1

By: ATS Automation

ATS SmartVision is a software development and runtime package used for the deployment of full and complete machine vision solutions. It is currently in its 7th major release and is currently powering thousands of applications worldwide. This software platform has been designed by integrators for integrators and thus, provides complete tools sets to handle any given machine vision requirement.

Some features include: - Rapid Development environment requiring no external tools - General purpose machine vision software - Complete inspection systems can be developed with no “programming” (ie. no compiler required) - Application logic is fully exposed to the end user - Comprehensive tool kit - Excellent industrial connectivity - Extendable and Embeddable - State-of-the-art hardware selection - Inspection Backward Compatibility is Critical - Over 4000 licenses in use worldwide - Full and rich standard toolsets - Extensible through Scripting (using C-like syntax language) - Vision engine is .NET embeddable - 3rd party Windows dll’s - Custom user interface

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