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ATS Cortex - Machine Vision Controller
Model Number: Cortex N

By: ATS Automation

ATS' Next Generation Cortex unit is now available. This 'PLC' for machine vision solutions is your central controller for all cameras and lights utilized in a full vision system. It can support up to 10 cameras and control 12 lights simultaneously through this one single unit. For multi camera solutions, this provides the lowest cost to performance control solution on the market. Controls are PC based using ATS SmartVision software as the development and execution run-time platform.

ATS Cortex Neo - Computer unit broken out separately - Lower cost for systems with fewer cameras - Latest generation Intel i7 multi-core

ATS Cortex Nexus - Integrated lighting control and camera power and networking hub - Separate synchronization engine - Mate-able with any custom computing platform required

Expanded Performance - More configuration options to allow for best cost to performance architecture - Latest state of the art processing platforms for industry leading performance - Full 64-bit ATS SmartVision release utilizing concurrent cores for parallel image processing - Fully backward compatible for previous generation unit upgrades and spares

Built in packaged multi-light acquisition and image combination to provide new and unique lighting options: - Photometric Stereo for 3D information from 2D images - Multi spectral lighting combined with monochrome camera to render full high resolution color images - Multi-angled lighting with shadow subtraction to pull out features on highly irregular spectral surfaces

Feel free to contact ATS Imaging for more details or help in scoping out a full solution.

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