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High Speed 3D Sensors of the C5-CS Series
Model Number: C5-1280CS, C5-2040CS, C5-3360CS, C5-4090CS

By: AT - Automation Technology

The 3D sensors of the C5-CS series combine the well-established sensors of the CX series with their corresponding laser technique integrated in a compact housing, providing customers with a reliable and maintenance free operation. In order to provide the suitable sensors for a wide variety of applications, the C5-CS series comes with a multitude of new models, which basically differ from each other in their size, resolution, profile speed, working distance and scanning area.

The C5-CS sensors are available with resolutions starting from 1280 x 1024 up to 4096 x 3072 pixels and deliver profile frequencies of up to 200 kHz. Each model has been designed for working distances ranging from 30mm to 740mm and enable measurement-ranges of up to 1000mm (width) and 800mm (height).

During the development of the enclosures, a special effort was made to enhance their industrial capabilities. That is why the C5-CS series have a rugged design with protection class IP67. In the same way, a lot of emphasis was made to assure a reliable power supply and data transfer, the reason why all cable connections are equipped with M12 tensile- and tear- resistant connectors.

Apart from that, all other characteristics of the very successful CX series have been adopted. Therefore, the C5-CS series feature also a Gigabit Ethernet interface and comply with the GigE-Vision standard. Also, because of the high level of acceptance among the users of the previous CX series, the 3D scan features Automatic-AOI-Tracking, Automatic-AOI-Search and Autostart have been integrated into the new compact sensors as well.

Thanks to the extended range of C5 compact sensors, now OEM customers and end-users can take advantage of powerful and easy-to-use 3D laser-triangulation sensors that not only come with integrated advanced features to already meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications, but also enable a reliable and maintenance-free operation even in rough industrial environments.

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