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High Speed 3D Camera with 2048 x 1088 Pixels and Profile Speed up to 25 kHz: C5-2040-GigE
Model Number: C5-2040-GigE

By: AT - Automation Technology

The 3D sensor applies the laser-triangulation principle for the scanning of objects and feature a high resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels with measurement speeds of up to 25,000 profiles per second. In addition, during the development of the sensor a special effort was made to enhance its industrial capabilities. Therefore, the C5 camera has a compact and rugged design and is equipped with M12 tensile- and tear- resistant connectors to ensure their power supply as well as a reliable data transfer. For installations in rough environments (e.g. dust or with splash water) the C5 camera is available with different lens covers that not only offer a protective class IP67, but also have optional extras such as air barriers. The new generation of the C5 camera family adopts many characteristics of AT’s already well established CX cameras. Therefore, also this new-generation of 3D sensors feature a Gigabit Ethernet interface and comply with the GigE-Vision standard. The HDR-3D functionality (High Dynamic Range) has also been implemented. This feature enables a better scanning of materials and surfaces, having inhomogeneous reflection properties. In combination with the GenICam-Protocol, the configuration of the new sensors is done by Plug n’ Play. This means, the user can use existing imaging software to access the 3D camera as he would do with a conventional 2D camera. In addition, the new C5-sensors support also 3D-scan functions such as automatic AOI-tracking, AOI-search and auto-start in applications requiring high resolution with high profile rates and large measurement ranges.

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