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3D Sensor with 12 MP Resolution (4096 x 3072 Pixels): C5-4090-GigE
Model Number: C5-4090-GigE

By: AT - Automation Technology

The high resolution 3D sensor of the C5 Series comes with resolutions of up to 12-Megapixel and collect the 3D data with measuring speeds of up to 14.5 kHz. The developers have devoted special attention to industrial suitability and have equipped the 3D sensor with a ruggedized housing (IP67), M12 connectors, air barriers and many more features.

A distinctive feature of AT’s 3D sensor series has always been the independence of the measuring speed from the used evaluation algorithm. Therefore, the measuring speed will always be the same, no matter if you choose the MAX, TRSH, FIR-PEAK or COG algorithm for your application.

The new C5 model supports all typical features of AT’s already well-established C5 camera series. This means the C5-4090-GigE communicates via a Gigabit Ethernet interface and comply with the GigE-Vision and GenICam standard. The HDR-3D functionality (High Dynamic Range) has also been implemented. This feature enables a better scanning of materials and surfaces, having inhomogeneous reflection properties. Furthermore, the new C5-sensor supports also 3D-scan functions such as automatic AOI-tracking, AOI-search and auto-start which become very popular to many of our existing customers.

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