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Vision Systems Product News

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The final touch
IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.


Exact trimming of foam parts with Ensenso 3D camera

BitFlow Debuts NVIDIA-Powered CoaXPress Embedded Vision Solution at Laser World Of Photonics
BitFlow, Inc.

Category: Embedded Vision Processors/Compact Vision Systems

BitFlow, Inc. underscored its commitment to embedded vision by demonstrating a high-speed CoaXPress-NVIDIA® embedded imaging system.

Sony’s Holographic Waveguide Display is a Key Module for Custom AR Wearables
FRAMOS Technologies Inc.


The SED-100A holographic waveguide display enhances customized hardware AR development for industrial applications with high precision and quality.

Advanced illumination Announces Release of UltraSeal Washdown Backlights
Advanced illumination, Inc.

Category: Lighting Equipment

Advanced illumination is proud to announce the release of its UltraSeal Washdown Backlights.

LUCID Adds 3rd Generation Sony Pregius IMX429 and IMX428 CMOS to Triton™ Camera Series
Lucid Vision Labs


LUCID Vision Labs, Inc. announced the addition of the 3rd generation Sony Pregius 2.8 MP and 7.1 MP global shutter...

Edmund Optics Features New Products for July
Edmund Optics

Category: Optics/Lenses/Filters

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, continuously expands its product offering to reflect market developments.

JAI adds 4 more microscopy cameras offering enhanced suppression of dust/FODs

Category: Cameras

JAI today announced the availability of four new 3-CMOS prism color cameras designed for use in microscopy-based systems.

Basler Expands 3D Camera Portfolio with blaze
Basler AG

Category: Cameras

The second generation of Basler 3D cameras is ready to launch.

New trilinear camera delivers low-cost, high quality color imaging to demanding vision applications
Teledyne DALSA

Category: Cameras

Teledyne DALSA is pleased to announce its new Piranha™4 8k trilinear color camera.

LUCID Expanded 5GigE Atlas Camera Series with High-Performance Sony Pregius 16.8 MP and 19.6 MP CMOS Sensors
Lucid Vision Labs

Category: Cameras

LUCID Vision Labs announced the entry into serial production of its Atlas 16.8 MP and 19.6 MP cameras.

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