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AIA Achievement Award FAQs

AIA Achievement Award


Achievement Awards

AIA Achievement Award FAQs

Why should I nominate someone for the AIA Achievement Award?

Recognition by the world’s largest trade association is highly valued by the award recipient, his/her company and the industry. The public relations surrounding the award are good for the winner’s company and the vision industry, and helps encourage the quest for excellence.

What do winners of the AIA Achievement Award receive?

Each winner receives a commemorative award and becomes a member of this elite group of global vision leaders.

Who selects the AIA Achievement Award winners?

An award committee reviews all nominations and prepares a ballot of qualified nominees. The AIA Board of Directors votes to select the award recipient.



Who are the past AIA Achievement Award winners?

Click here to see the past AIA Achievement Award winners.

Where is the AIA Achievement Award presented?

The awards are presented each year in conjunction with the A3 Business Forum, the industry’s leading strategic business and networking event. Click here for event details.

If the person I nominate is not selected, do I need to continue to nominate them?

No, the applicant is automatically resubmitted each year. However, you may submit additional information about a nominee in subsequent years.








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