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Certified Vision Professional

Certified Vision ProfessionalVision and Imaging Training and Certification Programs

The AIA provides educational courses and knowledge testing for vision professionals. Individuals may attend courses and then take the certification exam. Those with experience can choose to take the exam only. With a passing grade on the exam, individuals receive certification credentials. Continuing education every three years is required to maintain certification.

Currently we offer two levels of certification, Basic and Advanced. Both curriculums are now available online and can be accessed in our CVP Online Training center.

Certified Vision Professional – Basic

  • The Fundamentals of Machine Vision
  • Beginning Lighting for Machine Vision
  • Beginning Optics for Machine Vision
  • Camera and Image Sensor Technology Basics
  • Image Processing Fundamentals

Click here to watch CVP Basic Courses for Free!
Click here to watch CVP Basic Courses for FREE!

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Certified Vision Professional – Advanced

  • Advanced Color Theory and Applications
  • Reliable Vision Application Development
  • 3D Vision Technology
  • Non-Visible Imaging Theory and Techniques
  • Designing High-Speed and Linescan Vision Systems
  • Advanced Vision Lighting
  • Advanced Optics for Vision
  • Metrology and 2D Calibration Techniques
  • Particle Analysis and Classification Techniques
  • Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology
  • Advanced Vision Guided Robotics
  • Advanced Machine Vision Integration

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Next Classes and/or Exams Available

The AIA offers CVP classes and testing at their trade shows and conferences –  The Vision Show
and Automate and at other industry events. Click here for a full list of planned upcoming training and testing locations, or contact AIA about CVP-Basic training at your facility.

May 23, 2018 – Austin, TX, USA

AIA is offering the CVP Basic and Advanced exams at NI Week 2018 in Austin, TX on May 23, 2018. Registration is coming soon. Visit this page for more details as they become available.

For more information on classes and exams or to register for our next offering, visit “Upcoming Events” or call +1 734 994-6088.

System Integration Company Certification

Helping Users Find Qualified System Integrators

The AIA Certifed System Integrator program helps system integrators demonstrate their experience and capabilities and helps end users select a qualified partner. Our goal is to help ensure positive, successful experiences using machine vision and imaging systems in the marketplace.

Full program details


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