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2017 AIA Board of Directors Candidate Statements

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Ghislain BeaupréGhislain Beaupré (current board member)
Vice President, R&D and Operations
Teledyne DALSA


My name is Ghislain Beaupré and I am Vice-President of R&D and Operations at Teledyne DALSA. Today, I am submitting my application to sit on the AIA Board of Directors for another two year term. I bring with me over 30 years of experience in the imaging industry with my work done at Coreco, DALSA and Teledyne DALSA. My engineering career began with product development before progressively moving toward management as new financial and strategic responsibilities were entrusted to me. Most imaging components such as image sensors, cameras, frame grabbers and imaging software are in my scope of activities. This puts me in a unique position on the AIA Board of Directors as I have a broad view of every aspect of the imaging business. Teledyne DALSA is a large company, involved in a wide range of imaging technologies, which provides me with a perspective that the AIA Board of Directors can benefit from. Unlike most engineers, I also bring with me a strong management background enhanced with my executive MBA degree. I have been sitting on this board for three years and feel ready to contribute more than ever. Therefore, I am running again for a new term and this is the reason for soliciting your vote today. Thank you!

Mike FaulknerMike Faulkner
Director of Business Development & Sales
Silicon Software America Inc.

Throughout my 25+ year career I have developed capacities as technical support, application support, computer programmer, marketing support, master trainer and with my later years being focused on technical sales and market development. I have gained these capacities while having worked at the integration, distribution and manufacturing levels. I believe that my experiences give me a unique perspective to better understand and react in a pro-active manner to the AIA membership, or as I call it the “AIA Tribe”.

In joining the AIA Board of Directors, it is my desire to help advance and promote our industry and to assist the AIA membership in reaching new levels of success in promoting the benefits of our technology to the machine vision and non-machine vision (i.e. out of the factory) markets to raise “all our boats” together.

Wallace LatimerWallace Latimer (current board member)
Sales Director / Customized Optical Systems

Doing things the same way and expecting different results is the definition of insanity in most business circles. However, realizing you have been caught in that circle is not always so obvious. For over 20 years Wallace has been stepping outside of the circle and helping organizations realize how to make true change. Whether as an optical engineer, sales director, operations leader or president, Wallace leads with an attention to detail and tactical awareness. Beginning as an optical engineer from the University of Arizona, and obtaining an MBA from Drexel, Wallace has built a strong reputation for creating business solutions that capture organizational value. Wallace’s management style, clear-eyed approach, and vision to seek realistic change culminate in an ability to develop untapped resources that often go overlooked in an organization. Wallace’s experience ranges from startup, to global photonics companies, commercial and defense, product development to business development, with relationships that span the global photonics community.

Rex Lee, PhDRex Lee, PhD (current board member)
Pyramid Imaging

I am requesting to continue to be your representative on the AIA Board of Directors. My only agenda is helping our organization continue to be of service to you, the members of AIA, and to maintain a high level of professionalism and objectivity. I've been involved with the Machine Vision industry since 1996 and was a university professor for 8 years. My entire professional career has been dedicated to Photonics. I worked with the first millimeter microwave systems during the late 70's, worked with laser manufacturing and applications for 10 years, and spent 5 years developing plasma etching and thin film deposition systems. To put myself thru school I worked many years in the broadcast industry back when it was 2 inch video tape and prior to the RS170A standard, which endorsed the color burst position on the "back porch". I also spent a lot of years as an editor and chief engineer for a video post-production company. That was how I began in automation- trying to get dozens of cameras and tape machines in sync. So, video, photonics and automation run through my blood. I am blessed to say that I actually get to do what I love...helping others utilize photonics and video for automated solutions. I hope you'll continue to allow me to serve you as a member of the AIA Board of Directors. Thank you for your support.

Edward RoneyEdward Roney (current board member)
National Account Manager - Intelligent Robotics
FANUC America Corporation

I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve on the AIA board of directors. It is an honor to work with a dedicated group of professionals who share in a mission to advance the understanding and application of vision technologies; and who are focused on opening better channels to communicate this message for the betterment of all our member firms. Our association is comprised of many types of companies from within the industry. It is the need of the association to have board representation that best matches the membership as a whole. With a dedicated career in machine vision and a distinctive focus on vision-guided-robotics, as well as system integration, I believe I am a candidate that can bring new ideas from a unique perspective. If reelected, I will continue to encourage and support the AIA board and association in looking to further our educational efforts (such as regional workshops), promote our professional and corporate certification, and work towards building increased value propositions for vision system integrators – a major focus for the association continuing into 2017. I believe my machine vision experience in global product development, national distribution sales, and department management – along with an education in economics and business administration – have taught me to be a critical thinker, open-minded, and results-driven. I am excited about the future potential of the vision industry and look forward to the opportunity to continue being a valuable member of the AIA board and a dedicated representative of the association’s membership.

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