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2016 Board of Director Candidate Statements

George Chamberlain

George Chamberlain (current board member)
Pleora Technologies

I have served on the AIA Board since 2008, and as Vice-Chair of the Standards Committee have worked to build consensus for open global standards that deliver superior value to all AIA stakeholders. If elected, I will continue to work for:

Standards development: As an engineer and company owner, I understand the technical and business requirements involved in the development of open, international standards. I co-founded the GigE Vision standard and Future Standards Forum, and remain a champion for the advancement of global standards. This has included bringing new standards under the global G3 (AIA, EMVA, JIIA and recently VDMA and CMVU) umbrella, and investigating embedded imaging standardization. Bringing forward high-quality standards that will support innovation and product differentiation and drive continuing growth in critical for our industry.  

Diverse representation: Many AIA members are small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As the CEO and co-founder of Pleora Technologies – a medium-sized company – I bring your perspective to the AIA Board. One challenge faced by many members is business development, and I will continue to work with the Branding Subcommittee to build awareness for your expertise outside traditional machine vision markets. This includes supporting new initiatives that showcase the capabilities of our members, and in 2015 I helped bring the first AIA Canadian Machine Vision Conference to Ottawa.

Transparency: One of my objectives is ensuring the AIA Board supports your needs. I am an advocate for openness and transparency, and I want to ensure our members have the opportunity to contribute, ask questions, and understand board decisions.

John MervaJohn Merva (current board member)
Vice President, North America
Gardasoft Vision Ltd.

As a senior member of the machine vision industry and AIA Board of Directors I bring a breadth of experience to the board.  I have served on the board representing a number of machine vision companies dating back to 1997. This includes three terms as chairman of the AIA and two terms as chair of the Association for Advancing Imaging. During my stewardship the AIA saw increased international activity and strong growth which saw addition of many global companies to the AIA.  Accomplishments included the formation of the G3 International Standards group which has fostered many important standards and has grown to include the EMVA from Europe, JIIA from Japan, VDA from Germany and recently the CMVA from China. I have worked to remain an active, contributing member.  As such I continue to serve as the AIA’s Standards Chair working to advance standards activity and focus industry efforts in a way to benefit members and end users alike.

Additionally I served as a member of various committees contributing to the operations of the organization and have presented at many technical conferences.  I also realize the core benefit of the organization to members is to assist the many member companies succeed in the machine vision industry. Having worked for US and international companies, both large and small, I believe I can represent the needs of each. I would appreciate your vote in this election and look forward to continuing to serve the membership and the board.

Scott SummervilleScott Summerville

Summerville has been the president of Microscan since March of 2011. He has steered the company through its transition from ID to both ID and machine vision as well as vision-based bar code verification with the recent acquisition of Label Vision Systems (LVS).  Under his leadership, the company has become a more market-focused organization, instilling a customer-centric approach to its product development, manufacturing, and commercial operations.

Summerville brought over 20 years of experience in the automation industry to Microscan, having spent most of his professional career at Rockwell Automation. He spent 10 years with Rockwell in Asia, initially overseeing the company’s marketing activities, eventually taking on responsibility for the Chinese market, and ultimately running the entire Asia Pacific region as President. Before joining Microscan, Summerville held the position of Vice President and General Manager, Public Safety Systems Division for Federal Signal Corporation.

Summerville is a former chairman of the Integrated Systems & Controls council within the Material Handling Industry of America and a former member of the board of governors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong as well as a contributing author to the book, Leadership Experiences in Asia (2007).  He has spoken at numerous industry and economic events including the Asian World Economic Forum in Beijing, contributed articles to the Asian Wall Street Journal, and appeared on Bloomberg TV in Singapore.  He has degrees in Environmental Design from Miami University, Ohio, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Illinois.


Michael TanguayMichael Tanguay
Senior VP Sales & Engineering
DWFritz Automation Inc.

Michael has the unique ability to identify and connect business and technical trends to form strategic and tactical plans. His leadership has deepened over the course of more than 20 years, and provided many of the companies he worked for—including The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, FEI Company, and now DWFritz Automation—a deeper understanding of their technical competencies and how to connect them with customer and market needs. As a new member of the Board of Directors at AIA, Michael will bring a broad range of advanced technology expertise coupled with strong global market insight to better prepare the future of AIA and that of its industry-leading tradeshows.

Throughout his long and varied bi-coastal career, Michael worked on a wide range of complex vision and motion problems, ranging from sub-atomic particle detectors, to scanning electron microscopes, to working with traditional multi-spectral imaging devices.  In addition, he will bring specific market expertise and guidance to the role as it relates to Consumer Electronics, MEMS, and Electric Vehicles.
Michael is very interested and passionate about providing guidance and support to the AIA board, to help steer the future direction of the organization and its affiliated activities, along with improved communication and marketing of AIA in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Steve Wardell

Steve Wardell (current board member)
Director, Imaging
ATS Automation

Let me start off with a brief history:

-    Bachelor of Math, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo
-    26 year employee of ATS Automation

o    Software Developer, Controls Engineer, Vision Integrator
o    Technical and departmental engineering management (software, controls, integration, vision, and imaging)
o    Currently Director of Imaging group

A full career at ATS has allowed me to be part of many exciting opportunities without the need to switch companies every few years. I’ve helped produce hundreds of fascinating and successful automation projects over the years as well as having the opportunity to initiate and grow two brand new divisions within ATS.

My current responsibility is the leadership of our Imaging business. With a dozen or so dedicated vision engineers, we provide all machine vision system needs of our ATS Systems groups and external customers alike. We make use of our own fully developed imaging products as well as integrate 3rd party hardware and software solutions.

My time at ATS has prepared me well to sit on the board of the AIA given their initiatives to recognize the role of integrators in the industry. By serving various industries (Transportation, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Energy, etc.) with installations on all continents, I can provide the necessary insight to the AIA to help keep their directives relevant and engaging now and into the coming years.

I have been sitting on the board for a few years now, and look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve and contribute to the AIA and its mandate.

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