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Certified System Integrator Program

Educate. Advance. Differentiate

Become an AIA Certified System Integrator

Becoming an AIA Certified Integrator is a big step for your company. As the vision industry continues on a path of rapid growth, it is becoming more and more challenging to distinguish one’s company in a competitive global market. Fulfilling the demanding requirements of AIA’s certification program offers you a competitive edge.

AIA certification provides vision users with a benchmark they can use to evaluate system integrator candidates during their search for the right integration partner.

Vision system integrators certified by the AIA are acknowledged globally throughout the industry as an elite group of accomplished, highly skilled and trusted professionals. You’ll be able to leverage your certification to enhance your competitiveness and expand your opportunities.

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What Certification Can Do For You

Showcase your experience and acumen
Demonstrate your commitment to delivering the highest quality
market data
Market your expert status
bid lists
Get consideration on end-user bid lists

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