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Vision Resources

Vision Industry Market Data and Trends

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Topics in Vision & Imaging Market Analysis

Here you’ll find informative articles on market data, trends and outlooks; information on AIA’s annual market study and our mini studies on new market opportunities; an index of stock market performance of vision companies; an examination of leading economic indicators; and general insight into key issues that affect our industry. Bookmark it now!


AIA's 2016 Machine Vision Camera Market Study is now available. This new installment of the AIA's successful machine vision camera study franchise is highly detailed, global in scope, and clearly written for easy comprehension. The study answers a host of important questions such as:

  • How is the market changing?
  • What are the sweet spots in the market?
  • What factors determine retail pricing?
  • What geographic regions are contributing the most to sales?
  • What can we expect for the camera market moving forward?

Three global machine vision trade associations, AIA, EMVA and JIIA, are working together to harmonize market study results. This effort aims at enabling cross-national comparisons of market study results for North America, Europe and Japan.

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