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Vice President, Engineering


ienso Inc.

Posted on 05/22/2020


Toronto, Ontario Canada


About iENSO

Established in 2003, iENSO provides imaging and wireless solutions that are helping global brands take their products to the next level in the age of embedded systems and AI platforms. Working with their clients, iENSO accelerates the deployment of innovative imaging and wireless products in a wide range of verticals such as IoT, home automation, autonomous vehicles, drones, professional entertainment, robotics, remote surveillance, and security. With offices in Canada and China, iENSO has perfected the engineering ecosystems that exist between initial product design and high-volume manufacturing.

Scope of the Position

We are looking for a technology leader who is passionate about building amazing products and solutions and enjoys working with stakeholders across the business. The candidate will be responsible for the Product Development of iENSO’s intelligent, connected vision systems for companies that need to embed cameras, image processing, and data connectivity capabilities in their products. The candidate will leverage the company’s extensive depth of intellectual property and play a critical role in the definition and realization of the future company roadmap.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Key Goals

  • Build a strong and creative team.
  • Deliver and execute on current projects and contracts.
  • Generate a culture in the team in which innovation and ingenuity can thrive.
  • Present technology vision and road map to a diverse set of corporate audiences including executive meetings, customers and the business community.
  • Create breakthrough technology-based products and solutions.
  • Leverage the company assets.
  • Support the pivot of the company that has been historically known as engineering service one to a company generating revenue base on existing products and core IP.
  • Expand & enhance the current portfolio.
  • As a member of the group technology leadership team, collaborate to achieve sustainable growth.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify and capture market and technological opportunities to guide the research and development focus.
  • Develop technological products/solutions that can support the market needs.
  • Manage the product development management team.
  • Evaluate new and emerging technology on an ongoing basis.
  • Proactively lead the development and implementation of a robust strategic and tactical technology-based products and business solutions within the established time frames, quality standards, and corporate financial parameters.
  • Coach direct reports on how to cultivate and enhance strong relationships with key customers.
  • Set best practices based for SW development tools and methodologies to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Manage the group resources to ensure product release schedules are maintained.
  • Collaborate with other members of the executive team on a common vision across products and solutions.
  • Be a trusted point of contact for Sales and Marketing in regard to product functionality, competitive comparisons, and implementations.
  • Interact with customers, business channels, and technology partners to articulate the value and market position of iENSO.

Minimum Skills & Abilities

Competency Profile


Encourages others by creating enthusiasm, a feeling of investment and a desire to excel; Inspires others to follow and a healthy attitude to work by recognizing positive contributions.


Imagines future possibilities; Thinks broadly and investigates a wide-range of alternatives in developing a vision for the future; Selects the most promising vision from a range of alternatives and communicates this vision to others clearly.

Leading Change

Recognizes when change is necessary; Challenges the status quo and champions new initiatives; Acts as a catalyst to change and stimulates others to change; Develops an effective action plan to implement change and monitors results.

Planning and Objective Setting

Systematic in approach to work; Produces action plans in which objectives are defined and steps for achieving them are clearly specified; Plans by breaking down large task into subtasks; Develops plans that anticipate obstacles; Is realistic about time-scales and builds in appropriate checkpoints, milestones and controls in order to ensure that desired results are realized.


Adopts an energetic approach; Works towards goals and willingly tackles demanding tasks; Demonstrates capacity for sustained effort and hard work over long periods of time, even in the face of adversity.

Minimum Education & Experience

Preferred Experience and Education

The following indicates specific industry, academic, and functional experience/qualifications that are important to the successful achievement of the identified responsibilities and performance deliverables.

  • Degree in Computer Science with seven to ten years of experience leading technology product development and product architecture.
  • Five to ten years of experience leading both a development team and driving product marketing.
  • Experience in skilled hiring, developing, leading, motivating, and coaching a cross-section of technology professionals in particular leadership roles.
  • Must be able to demonstrate senior-level experience in the architecture, development, release cycle, and delivery of software products to the company’s defined markets.
  • Experience with Scrum methodology and Agile practices.
  • A background in connected vision systems, embedded camera systems, image processing, and data connectivity would be an asset.
  • Proven ability to develop a product vision by understanding, documenting, and prioritizing the requirements of the market, including the detailed requirements of end-users based on daily use cases.


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