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Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd.

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  • Member Since 2017
  • Vision Supplier

Specim - Forerunner for trust Our customers require fast and accurate information as they strive to gather information to improve quality, increase value, and make sustainable choices. As the world's leading hyperspectral imaging solutions provider, a well-known forerunner, and passionate developer of the technology, we provide our customers with the data they can trust upon, whether in the industrial surrounding, research laboratory, or field. With our help, our customers can achieve their goals, keep their promises, and find new value in their work.


Specim launches complete spectral imaging platform for the sorting industry

POSTED: 10/28/2020

Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd., releases the SpecimONE spectral imaging platform for the industrial sorting application market.  With SpecimONE, machine builders,

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