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Dongguan Pomeas Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.

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Pomeas Optical Technology Company Limited. Since founded, it has always devoted itself to providing branded professional optical solution for customers. By continuing to improve design, manufacture and testing skills, POMEAS keeps pace with the dynamic optical world’s developments. The core advantage is optical, mechanical and electronic ability, image processing ability and software control ability. Pomeas ensures customers that the products are with excellent and reliable image. POMEAS’s products are mainly divided into three series: Zoom lens, FA lens and Telecentric lens. ODM and OEM service are available to meet customers’ special requirements. All the POMEAS family member will offer more excellent vision solution to meet customers’ requirements.

Tech Papers

The world’s originated real telecentric zoom lens

POSTED: 06/27/2014

The world’s originated real telecentric zoom lens A. Background:   With the quality requirements for precision manufacturing industry becomes higher and higher, precision inspection and measurement have developed with features as below: 1? Products check method changes from spot check to fully 100% check. 2? Offline inspection changes to online inspection ; 3? Accuracy standard is from 0.01mm t level to μm level 4? Measurement method is from haft-automatic measurement to one-button-automatic measurement.  All above features require that the testing equipments must be high efficient, high accurate and user friendly. That is to say, the requirements for optical lens which used in the measurement equipments must be extremely high. Now, there are telecentric lens with fixed magnification, zoom lens, telecentric lens system, which is consist of several fixed magnification telecentric lens. But all of these lenses get their disadvantages. Telecentric lens with fixed magnification has big FOV, but only get one fixed magnification. Zoom lens has relative small FOV, and it is not telectric optical path, so the accuracy can not meet μm. The telecentric lens system can only have several magnifications, and it is not real zoom lens.   The real telecentric zoom lens (0.2X-2X telecentric zoom lens) , originally developed by POMEAS OPTICAL, will have great impact in the measurement and inspection field. It is the technology revolution and help the development of the measurement and inspection field.   B?Feature: 1?Magnification ratio: 10X(0.2~2X) 2?Motorized zooming for easy operation, high zooming precision(+/-2 pause repeat positioning accuracy ). 3?Support one inch camera, the FOV is up to 80mm. 4?Design of high resolution, the resolution is up to 4.25μ,support the 15MP camera. 5?The working distance is fixed, no matter the change of  the magnification. 6?There is no need to re-focalization and adjust the working distance, after changing the magnification. 7?The image center deviation is within 5μm, after changing the magnification. 8?Objective telecentric design, telecentricity is <0.01°, to ensure the data accuracy in precision measurement. 9?The max. DOF is up to 12mm, to better measure different height or irregular shapes objects. 10?Less than 0.03% ultra low TV distortion , truly show the objective shape. C?Product parameters:  

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