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Company Profile

Sciotex - Coleman Technologies, Inc.

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  • Member Since 2013
  • Vision System Integrator

Coleman Technologies, Inc. provides integrated systems, custom software and specialized products for a wide variety of laboratory and industrial automation applications. Since being founded in 1995, we have delivered hundreds of applications and systems to our clients that include numerous Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, universities and research foundations. We are especially recognized for our ability to deliver solutions to meet extremely challenging automated image acquisition and analysis requirements, as well as, for our extensive experience in developing systems and software for biomedical, pharmaceutical and other life science industries. We also develop applications utilizing data acquisition & analysis; motion control & robotics; process & real-time control and automated testing.

Case Studies

Plate Quality Inspection System

POSTED: 01/08/2013

The Challenge: Providing a conveyor-based automated inspection system that can visually inspect both the top and bottom surfaces of more than 50 types of dinnerware plates and

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