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Chromasens GmbH

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  • Member Since 2011
  • Vision Supplier

Founded in 2004, Chromasens GmbH designs, develops and produces innovative image capturing and processing systems to satisfy the most stringent of demands. Chromasens’ expertise lies in the development of both components and systems. The optical, electronic and mechanical elements of high-performance cameras and illumination systems are perfectly adapted to suit the specific tasks faced by each individual customer. The company is based in Constance, Germany, and is ISO 9001 certified. It currently has 78 employees. Production, as well as research and development, take place in Germany. Chromasens offers professional advice and support throughout each phase of the project cycle to its direct and project customers who require customized, individual image capturing solutions. The company’s standardized image processing components are distributed worldwide via certified value-added distributors.


Fast 100% Inline Print Inspection for the Packaging Industry

POSTED: 12/03/2019

Packaging is fundamentally used for the protection and transportation of products. However, packaging also features colorful "buy me!" advertising messages.

Fast and precise

POSTED: 12/03/2019

For the longevity and safe running of ball bearings and roller bearings, it is important that these are completely mounted...

allPIXA™ pro Color Line Scan CCD Camera

POSTED: 05/05/2014

Chromasens Unveils World's Fastest CCD Color Line Scan Camera   BURLINGTON, MA -- Chromasens today announced the allPIXA™ pro, the world's fastest, most powerful color line scan CCD camera for high-speed machine vision applications on the market today.

Chromasens 3DPIXA Cameras

POSTED: 03/26/2014

Chromasens 3DPIXA Cameras Add New Dimension to Machine Vision Quality Control    BURLINGTON, MA -- The Chromasens 3DPIXA 3D line scan color camera helps manufacturers improve productivity by preventing defects, reducing waste, and increasing yield, while also making it possible to achieve compliance with new traceability requirements.

Color 3D Surface Measurement in Real-Time

POSTED: 03/05/2014

Chromasens‘s next generation 3D solution with surface height accuracy in microns, all in real-time.

Machine Vision Color Inspection System

POSTED: 01/21/2014

Chromasens Launches Machine Vision Industry's Most Accurate Multi-Spectral Color Inspection System      Combines 12-channel line scan camera with Corona II line light   Optical inspection systems allow manufacturers to ensure products are the precise color customers desire, whether that product is construction materials and accessories, chemicals, or print documents.

Corona® II LED Line Scan Illuminator

POSTED: 11/20/2013

Significantly Improves Performance Potential of Line Scan Cameras with Illumination Strength up to 2,500,000 lux While web inspection requires only a thin line of light to serve as illumination, it is mission critical that the light source be as intense as possible, plus that it features precise light uniformity to avoid chromatic deviations, especially when inspecting such items as color printing, textiles, glass tape or aluminum.

Plenty of light, but little noise

POSTED: 03/20/2012

The improved performance of modern camera systems has considerably increased their significance in the conception and design of image capturing

A new dimension of 3D capturing

POSTED: 03/20/2012

 Chromasens GmbH has developed a new kind of process for colour 3D surface measurement based on its self-developed, trilinear CCD

New High-End Color Line Scan Camera

POSTED: 03/20/2012

Chromasens, the image processing specialist from Constance, Germany, is adding a new top model to its high-performance industrial color line

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