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Company Profile

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division

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  • Member Since 1997
  • Vision Supplier

Toshiba Imaging provides cameras and imaging products including innovative, ultra-compact and robust remote-head 3CMOS, 3CCD, ultra-small, chip-on-tip, and single-piece video cameras that provide color accuracy and high resolution. All Toshiba’s cameras are accompanied by Toshiba’s legendary and comprehensive tech support. Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS), Imaging Systems Division, (Irvine, CA), is one of the six business units of TAIS and is world renowned for its 3-chip, ultra-compact, superior color and contrast, high definition (HD) and Ultra-HD video cameras. High performance 3-chip and single sensor HD video systems are available and both camera suites are accompanied by Toshiba's legendary and comprehensive tech support. Toshiba's Imaging Systems Division provides imaging products for the security, medical, scientific and manufacturing markets.


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