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National Instruments

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  • Member Since 1997
  • Vision Supplier

Manufacturer of machine vision systems. We are a machine vision supplier from Japan with over ten years' experience, and more than 30,000 installations outside Japan. Our goal is to provide the best solutions from installation to support our customers. We have 6 types of main machine unit based on inspection goal. The same software runs into all models. Offering hardware compatibility for cameras for long term use. There are over 60 inspection tools including general purpose and specific application tools as a default in all VTV-9000 models with high processing speed. No programming required and easy to set up for beginners. ViSCO can handle ranging from VGA to 29M pixel camera.

Case Studies

Using LabVIEW to Develop a 3D Display System

POSTED: 11/09/2011

"We developed a gesture recognition system using a USB camera, PXI hardware, LabVIEW, and the NI Vision Assistant." – Yang Hao, Tsinghua University The Challenge: Developing an

Creating a Real-Time Embedded Vision System to Monitor Driver’s Visual Attention

POSTED: 07/13/2011

"We implemented the algorithm on an NI CVS-1456 device working as a stand-alone

Automated Optical Inspection of X-Ray Ceramic Matrices Using NI Image Processing Tools and LabVIEW

POSTED: 07/08/2011

by: Anand Krishnan, Anish Mathews, Ganesh Devaraj - Soliton Technologies Private Limited "We completed and validated all of the image processing work for various

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