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Matrox Imaging

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  • Member Since 1995
  • Vision Supplier

Matrox Imaging is an industry-leading developer of component-level solutions recognized for providing OEMs and integrators with innovative yet cost-effective solutions. Our components include smart cameras, vision controllers, I/O cards, frame grabbers, and processing platforms— all specifically designed to decrease development time and costs while providing optimal price/performance within a common software environment. Our technology is used by leaders in factory automation, process control, electronics, pharmaceutical packaging, semiconductor inspection, robotics, radiology, microscopy, and video surveillance industries. We ensure that customers stay with us over multiple product generations by consistently meeting demands for cutting-edge technology, technical consulting services, integration assistance, and the highest manufacturing standards. Our proven track record assures customers that we will meet their needs for performance, value, and service, now and in the future.

Case Studies

Suntory PepsiCo Bottles Perfection, Improving Identification Capabilities on National Scale

POSTED: 11/27/2018

Global beverage and wellness manufacturer uses Matrox Imaging OCR software and vision controller to power critical production-line identification verification Overview One of the largest producers and distributors of

How a NASA Facility is Digitizing over 90,000 Planetary Mission Images

POSTED: 05/03/2018

University of Arizona uses Matrox Imaging OCR software to read text-field data from Surveyor missions in record time and with perfect accuracy The University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary

Stories from the Cradle of Western Civilization Brought to the Digital Age

POSTED: 05/03/2018

Matrox Imaging software and frame grabber helps Bookscanner SA improve image acquisition frequency rate in a challenging vision system Originating in the Holy Roman Empire, the printing press was

Machine Vision-based Granule and Powder Inspection System Helps Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Improve Quality

POSTED: 09/29/2015

High-accuracy system powered by Matrox 4Sight industrial computer and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) The pharmaceutical and food industries require fast and highly-accurate inspection systems for detecting and separating

High-speed Web Inspection Systems Use Machine Vision to Detect and Identify Defects

POSTED: 09/29/2015

Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox PCIe Camera Link frame grabbers enable 100% inspection of surfaces, printing and labels Manufacturers of materials like plastics, papers, foils, films, metals

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