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FRAMOS Technologies Inc.

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  • Member Since 2009
  • Vision Supplier

FRAMOS enables machines to see. Imaging and embedded vision technologies are their passion, they play a key role in automation, robotics and the IoT-connected factory and are key drivers in cognitive systems, the smart home, intelligent mobiles and autonomous vehicles. FRAMOS is a leading global supplier of imaging products, embedded vision technologies, custom solutions and OEM services. The vision experts have been assisting customers since 1981 as a technical consultant, development partner and external supplier selecting individual components, complex system compositions or customization options. They also provide individual technology, focusing on sensor modules and intellectual property, such as IP Cores, Imaging Algorithms and SoCs. From the sensor to the finished vision system, FRAMOS offers a powerful portfolio of imaging services and components with a range of capabilities to suit every budget. Strong brands combined with excellent technical support allow their customers to develop cutting-edge imaging and embedded vision systems and shorten their time-to-market. With a team of more than 100 employees working worldwide, they aim to find the fastest and most efficient imaging solutions for their customers.


The 3rd Annual FRAMOS Tech Days event will be in San Francisco this February

POSTED: 01/08/2020

For the third year, the well anticipated FRAMOS Tech Days event will be held in North America on February 06...

FRAMOS’ AI Vision Spin-off is Now, "cubemos"

POSTED: 10/30/2019

The FRAMOS® Group is announcing that its spin-off FRAMOS AI will become cubemos.

Framos AI Launches FAIM SDK with 2D/3D Skeleton Tracking Functionality

POSTED: 09/10/2019

Framos AI GmbH is launching its FAIM SDK to enable AI powered algorithms optimized for real-time applications.

Sony’s Holographic Waveguide Display is a Key Module for Custom AR Wearables

POSTED: 08/06/2019

The SED-100A holographic waveguide display enhances customized hardware AR development for industrial applications with high precision and quality.

Mezzanine Partnership with 96boards Allows Comprehensive Connectivity for FRAMOS’ Line of Embedded Vision Sensor Modules

POSTED: 07/09/2019

FRAMOS announces a global partnership with 96boards, the leading technology frontier in open platform specification and compliance.

SMARTEK Vision Brings the Latest CMOS Sensors to GigE and USB3 Vision with New “twentynine” Camera Line

POSTED: 07/08/2016

Already introduced as one highlight of The Vision Show Boston, SMARTEK Vision officially introduce their new CMOS camera family “twentynine”.

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