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Opto Engineering S.r.l.

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  • Member Since 2007
  • Vision Supplier

Opto Engineering THE TELECENTRIC COMPANY has evolved through the years, releasing hundreds of new, diverse products and developing multiple areas of expertise. Today we can say that we specialize in OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES. Our focus is to build and provide every single component needed to solve imaging applications: starting from the optical know-how and going through competence in lighting we can supply the best combination of tools available on the machine vision market. For all these reasons Opto Engineering has become the partner of choice in high-end optical applications for many of the major machine vision companies worldwide. Opto Engineering, OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.

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Meet the new ultra-compact telecentric optics for up to 260 mm FOV

POSTED: 05/13/2020

Opto Engineering® is proud to introduce the new ultra-compact telecentric lenses and collimated illuminators for up to 260 mm fov.

HORUS – dream measurements at your fingertips!

POSTED: 05/13/2020

At Opto Engineering, we love metrology.

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