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Zimmer Group US, Inc.

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  • Member Since 2020
  • Vision Supplier

Zimmer Group is a family-owned, German manufacturer of precision-quality components in six major technologies: handling technology, damping technology, linear technology, process technology, machine tooling technology and system technology. 40 years' experience and innovation make it one of the worldwide leading manufacturers and providers of high-precision industrial components offering sales, service, and support throughout the United States and Mexico. Zimmer Group is among the leading manufacturers in the automation industry providing grippers, tool changers, crash protection, axis compensation, robot accessories and also complete end of arm turnkey gripper systems. As part of our motion control lineup, we manufacture shock absorbers, clamps and brakes for linear rail, and profile dampers. Zimmer Group was the first manufacturer having a fully collaborative gripper in the market. Today, Zimmer Group offers the widest range of HRC (Human-Robot-Collaboration) grippers.

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