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VRmagic Imaging GmbH

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  • Member Since 2008
  • Vision Supplier

The German camera manufacturer offers a wide range of streaming, smart and intelligent component for industrial and scientific image processing. Streaming: USB cameras and external frame grabbers for analog cameras. Smart: USB cameras with integrated preprocessing of image data on the FPGA-chip. Intelligent: Programmable OEM cameras with DSP for image processing and ARM running Linux.


VRmIC3 OEM – Intelligent OEM Camera for Industrial Applications

POSTED: 03/09/2015

The German camera manufacturer VRmagic has extended its product range by an intelligent OEM camera.

VRmTS-20: Flexible Positioning in Small Devices

POSTED: 02/02/2015

Module is particularly suitable for applications with limited or angled space.

10 Years of Sales Partnership

POSTED: 06/02/2014


VRmagic at SPS IPC Drives 2013: Extensive Range of Software for the D3 Intelligent Camera Platform

POSTED: 10/01/2013

From graphical programming through simple scripts up to programming in C++ – VRmagic presents a wide range of image processing

Plugin for the Open Source GStreamer Library

POSTED: 04/09/2013

Intelligent, Linux-based cameras and frame grabbers by the German camera manufacturer VRmagic can now also easily transfer processed image data via Ethernet.

VRmDAVC-2: Intelligent Frame Grabber for Efficient Image Processing

POSTED: 03/18/2013

Mannheim: With the introduction of the VRmDAVC-2, VRmagic offers an intel-ligent version of their established USB frame grabber.

Anniversary: Ten Years VRmagic Imaging

POSTED: 02/01/2013

Mannheim: For ten years now the German-based company VRmagic has been developing, manufacturing and selling cameras and image processing components for industrial and scientific applications.

Multi-sensor Camera Series Extended

POSTED: 08/21/2012

Multi-sensor cameras by the German camera manufacturer VRmagic are now available with a high-resolution CCD sensor from Sony.

Ethernet Update for Intelligent Cameras

POSTED: 04/03/2012


Rescue USB Stick

POSTED: 03/21/2012

New USB stick from VRmagic permits convenient development and simple, inexpensive maintenance of OEM applications Following the launch of its programmable intelligent camera series, the German camera manufacturer VRmagic now presents its Rescue USB Stick.

High-Resolution Intelligent Cameras with Optional DVI/HDMI Output

POSTED: 11/17/2011

High-Resolution Intelligent Cameras with Global Shutter  The German camera manufacturer VRmagic is expanding its series of intelligent cameras with three models featuring high-resolution sensors.

Calibrated 3D Area Sensor for Industrial Image Processing

POSTED: 11/08/2010

3D Sensor Based on Digital Stripe Light Projection + Metric Factory Calibration + Data Output: 3D-Point Cloud or Grayscale-Coded Range Map + GeniCamTL Compatibel + Screw-Type Standard Industrial Connectors + IP65 Protection Mannheim.

Linux-based, Intelligent Multi-Sensor Camera

POSTED: 09/21/2010

VRmagic presents a freely programmable intelligent camera with up to four external sensors At the VISION 2010 in Stuttgart the German-based company VRmagic will present an intelligent, freely programmable multi-sensor camera, which is able to perform even complex image processing tasks fully independently.

Auto Channel Balance Prevents Pattern Formation in Black-and-White Sensors

POSTED: 02/08/2010

The camera manufacturer VRmagic has developed an algorithm that automatically corrects pattern formation in black-and-white sensors.

VRmagic Launches New Website

POSTED: 11/02/2009

Comprehensive information about the company at www.

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