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NEADVANCE Machine Vision SA

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  • Member Since 2017
  • Vision Supplier

NEADVANCE is a technology-based company that develops innovative solutions using artificial and machine vision. Our intelligent vision systems are applied to quality control, as well as automation of industrial processes and robot guidance. The knowledge and experience gained in modernizing various industrial sectors, medical imaging and smart cities, contribute to the high quality of our products and excellence of our service. Founded in 2001, based in Braga it grows consistently due to a forward-thinking and innovation-oriented attitude, with an outstanding level of dedication to our mission. It offers a highly trained professional team, aiming to answer any challenge. The company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, thus fostering a high level of quality control assuring the more innovative solutions. NEADVANCE was the very first Portuguese company exporting an automatic intelligent computer inspection system.


Tire marking inspection with advanced warp compensation

POSTED: 02/01/2019

NEADVANCE is excited to introduce the next generation of tire marking inspection.

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