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Multicamera.Systems LLC

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  • Member Since 2020
  • Vision Supplier

Multicamera.Systems LLC is the leading software developer providing video recording and data acquisition software solutions to variety of industries: science labs, virtual reality, military, autonomous cars, sports analytics and others. “The Recorder” is our cross platform software works with most modern machine vision cameras as well as other devices like lidars and sensors. The software offers many unique features opening new possibilities to our clients and saving them time and money. There are several key areas we focus on: very friendly user interface, seamless support for multi-camera and distributed systems, high speed recording to compressed and uncompressed formats. Additionally we offer full customization of our software to fit specific customer requirements. We also provide consulting services to OEMs and end customers. We help our clients to design camera and recording systems and camera OEMs can benefit from our experience in GenICam development and compliance testing.


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