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Machine Vision Engineering LLC

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  • Member Since 2018
  • Vision System Integrator

AIA Certified Vision Professional (Advanced), intimately familiar with the effective use of industrial machine vision software, cameras, interfaces, lenses, optics, filters, and lighting. Have found effective solutions to challenging machine vision problems that others considered impossible. Responsive, competitive, fixed-price quotes as well as T&M. Complete vision system solutions for manufacturers as well as contract machine vision engineering services for automation companies: + Evaluation studies, using client-supplied parts, to establish the effectiveness of potential vision applications. + Complete vision system designs, indicating the optimal components, locations, working distances, resolutions, interfaces, computers, and software. + Installation, configuration, unit testing, and integration testing. Acceptance testing in manufacturing environments. + Accuracy, repeatability, and gauge R&R studies. + Documentation and on-site training. + Optimization, diagnostic, and upgrades


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