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MORITEX North America, Inc.

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  • Member Since 1995
  • Vision Supplier

MORITEX is a leading global supplier of lighting and imaging components and systems for machine vision solutions. We provide high value-added leading edge technologies, products, and services that combine our expertise in optics, lens, LED, and fiber optic technologies to support manufacturing and factory automation in all major markets. Our extensive background and experience in high performance optical systems design uniquely enables us to provide vertically integrated solutions for all levels of customer requirements, from standard hardware components to fully customized integrated opto-mechanical assemblies. Our product portfolio includes telecentric, factory automation, large format, line scan, and zoom lenses and fiber optic, high end constant current LED, factory automation constant voltage LED, and laser illumination products.


IR Inspection System Gets Faster and More Enhanced

POSTED: 07/27/2011

Moritex's Unique, Innovative IR Inspection System Gets Faster, More Enhanced --New and upgraded IRise Macro Micro IR Vision System now can evaluate leading-edge --MEMS devices and silicon wafers up to 2.

Inspecting Mission-critical Manufactured Parts, Components and Products

POSTED: 05/20/2008

  Moritex has announced a new technical report entitled 'Borescope inspection critical to vital manufacturing processes' for engineers and technicians involved with inspecting parts, components and products manufactured by metal machining, welding, casting and electric discharge machining (EDM).

Newsletter Details Ways to Improve Your Machine Vision...

POSTED: 03/28/2008

  27th MARCH 2008 -- Moritex (www.

Moritex Opens German Office

POSTED: 07/02/2007

  Moritex, specialists in creation, manipulation and control of light, have announced the opening of a new office in Munich, Germany to directly service the company's rapidly growing German speaking customer base.

Phoseon Technology and Moritex Corporation Announce Strategic Cooperation

POSTED: 01/24/2005

  Beaverton, OR (PRWEB) January 24, 2005 -- Phoseon Technology and Moritex Corporation today announced a strategic cooperation that will initially focus on the Phoseon MX Series of infrared optical systems for inspection and measurement of silicon based structures such as MEMS and Flip Chips.

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