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  • Member Since 2019
  • Vision Supplier

Kitov.ai is a supplier of smart visual inspection solutions for a broad range of production lines in the high-end electronics, industrial equipment, defense and aerospace, automotive and medical device industries. Kitov develops a fully automated, universal and flexible 3D visual inspection system that can be trained by a non-expert in a fast and intuitive manner to inspect a large variety of products. Kitov's technology is leveraging Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence capabilities including Deep Learning, advanced Robotics and Big Data Analytics. Kitov's first model was successfully deployed by first-tier customers such as Jabil, Flex, USI, DENSO and others with over dozens of installations in Europe, China, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Japan and Israel. Kitov was recently selected as one of the Top 10 Machine Vision Providers 2019 by CIO Applications Magazine. In 2018, Kitov One has received a platinum-level award for innovation by the Vision Systems Design Magazine in recognition.


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