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Company Profile

Keyence Corporation of America

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  • Member Since 2005
  • Vision Supplier

KEYENCE has steadily grown since 1974 to become an innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of industrial automation and inspection equipment worldwide. Our products consist of in-line automation and off-line inspection systems, including sensors and safety products, machine vision systems, code readers, precision measurement systems, laser and ink markers, and microscopes.

KEYENCE is dedicated to providing ADDED VALUE solutions for engineers in nearly all industries. We provide the tools that let manufacturers and researchers stay competitive in the global marketplace, including that of our broad machine vision offering of innovative 1D, 2D, and 3D inspection, measurement, and vision guided robotic systems. KEYENCE has been continuously ranked in prominent company rankings such as “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” (Forbes), and we are among the top 5 companies in Japan based on market capitalization as of Mar 2020.

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