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Company Profile

Kappa optronics GmbH

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  • Member Since 2002
  • Vision Supplier

Kappa is one of the few camera manufacturers with the specific know-how for the development and manufacture of extremely rugged cameras that, with their extraordinary adaptability, superior durability and outstanding signal quality, provide the decisive advantage our customers are looking for. Our particular strength lies in how we combine our competency in industrial production with our ability to understand specific application contexts, allowing us to work together with the client to develop the best camera solution, and to produce it reliably, efficiently, and with quality assured – be it for 20 or 2000 at a time. That´s our core competency for over 30 years: customer series! Kappa provides standard and customized CCD cameras for machine vision, medical, traffic, defense and aviation applications. Our camera range includes analog and digital technology with GigE Vision, FireWire™, CameraLink® delivering highly precise image data.


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