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  • Member Since 2015
  • Vision Supplier

KINGSTAR products are designed for industrial machines that require motion control and machine vision positioning systems. What sets KINGSTAR apart from other motion and machine vision control solutions is that it is an all-software solution. Using the EtherCAT standard; the power of Industrial PCs; and the full force of Microsoft Windows, enhanced by hard real-time software that transforms Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS), you can create software-only, PC-based machine controllers that lower the costs of industrial machines while delivering equal or better precision and performance. With over 35 years of experience designing software and hardware solutions for graphics, video, and imaging/machine vision apps, we provide an array of relevant OEM and end-user solutions to businesses across a diverse range of markets, including media and entertainment, finance, digital signage, medical imaging, manufacturing, factory automation, security, government, and computing


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