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HNJ Solutions, Inc.

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  • Member Since 2017
  • Vision System Integrator

HNJ Solutions, Inc. is a machine vision integrator specialized in using today's advanced smart camera technology. Our company fills the large gap between machine vision manufacturers and end users by applying our ability to scope applications properly. We provide retrofit installations on existing production lines as well as full scale turnkey builds for our clients. Our own product lineup currently includes plastic injection mold protection systems, and cosmetic flaw detection systems that use robotic handling to automate the process. Our combined experience specifically in the machine vision landscape means our clients get the best of the smart camera market without being "sold" on new technology by the camera manufacturers themselves. Our test lab contains more than $250k worth of cameras, lenses, lights, stages, and conveyors in order to ensure applications will live up to industrial standards on our clients' production lines. Let HNJ Solutions become your machine vision partner.

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