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Company Profile

GiDEL Ltd.

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  • Member Since 2006
  • Vision Supplier

For more than 25 years Gidel has been providing smart imaging and vision solutions based on its innovative FPGA platforms. Gidel’s offerings include both application-specific and open infrastructure solutions with tremendous flexibility to meet diverse vision/imaging possibilities. Gidel’s technology and facilitating ecosystem includes: - High-performance FPGA frame grabbers with fast CPU-free host offload engines - On-board real-time image processing on powerful FPGAs - InfiniVision IP for multi-camera acquisition from as much as 100 cameras simultaneously, including synchronization - Real-time image compression IPs, including JPEG and Gidel proprietary lossless compression - Highly efficient recording system complemented by Gidel’s CamSim playback system - Standard and customized camera interfaces and protocols, including GigEVision, Camera Link and CoaXPress - Interfacing with remote cameras via Gidel’s RCLF fiber optics unit - Camera Simulators - Proprietary development tools


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