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EmbedTek LLC

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  • Member Since 2019
  • Vision Supplier

EmbedTek designs and manufactures vision systems, cameras, sensors, software, computers and displays for original equipment manufacturers. Our systems improve the quality of imaging in medical devices, simulation programs in the military, video analytics in security, and much more. Design engineers combine commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology with custom hardware and software specific to the application. This approach helps OEMs meet performance goals within accelerated timetables. We make it as easy as possible for OEMs to leverage and embed superior technology for truly differentiated products. Throw any challenge at us, from demanding environment and ergonomic requirements to High Level Assembly and nonstandard I/O. We’ll evaluate it, carefully attack it, and solve it. ISO 13485, ISO 9001, Registered with the FDA as a Contract Manufacturer of Medical Devices.


EmbedTek Invention Improves Video Surveillance Capabilities

POSTED: 10/30/2019

EmbedTek filed a provisional patent for a non-linear, progressive lens constructed to optically capture an area of interest...

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