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  • Member Since 2020
  • Vision Supplier

Dataperformers is an applied AI company with a recognized expertise in computer vision building advanced cross-industry technologies and products. Dataperformers products include Macula AI, an end-to-end computer vision platform for visual inspection applications at large scale using the latest algorithms in Deep Learning. Macula AI works with different cameras to automatically detect and segment defects in your production or assembly lines with an extremely high accuracy. Macula AI doesn’t require any training nor certification and features a multi-user interface with unique assets allowing you to deploy and upgrade AI models across your facilities without any technical expertise and no additional cost. We have several use cases of Macula AI performing in automotive, electronics, agrifood and.other industries such as Toyota, Autodesk and Transport Canada. Dataperformers is headquartered in Montreal, Qc., Canada and is expanding its business in Canada, US and Japan.

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