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Applied Vision Corp.

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  • Member Since 1997
  • Vision Supplier

Genius® and KromaKing® machine vision systems from Applied Vision combine the latest imaging and illumination technology to provide 100% inspection at line speeds for can makers. The systems can automatically identify defects and reject them from the production line while minimizing false reject rates—all of which dramatically reduces spoilage, lost time and cost for container manufacturers and fillers. Applied Vision systems are extremely simple to set-up and use and can be integrated into existing and new manufacturing lines. Among other capabilities, systems are available for: • Shell inspection • Inside can inspection (ICI) • Food end & easy open end (EOE) inspection • Mixed-label inspection (MLI) • Converted end inspection • Decoration inspection • Bottle can inspection • Cap & closure inspection • Sealing surface inspection All Applied Vision systems are backed by a worldwide service and support network and 24/7 technical assistance.


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