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Company Profile

Akriveia Solutions Pte Ltd

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  • Member Since 2019
  • Vision System Integrator

Akriveia Solutions Pte Ltd is a Machine Vision System Integrator and Components Distributors situated in Singapore. We had made our presence in Malaysia and Thailand for the End User market and other SI Customers with our products. Our Focus includes, Electronics sectors (smart chips and PCB), Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries. We are also the Authorized Distributors for various Brands of Vision Components that is well established in the Vision Market. Akriveia Solutions integrates System for our major customers that requires 2D to 3D conversion applications in production, High Speed inspections , Laser marking and or transparent products inspections. Our Technical team in all these 3 regions, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are in the trade for a combined experience of 27 years. We yearn to provide our best services and support to our loyal customers and targets to resolve our Customers issues both in Software and Hardware.

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