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AQSense S.L.

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  • Member Since 2011
  • Vision Supplier

AQSENSE develops and commercializes 3D technologies for the machine vision industry. Our customers are machine builders and system integration companies focused on production and quality systems for a wide range of sectors like medical, automotive, food, dental, industrial or electronics. Our standard product is SAL3D, the 3D Shape Analysis Library, which is a comprehensive set of tools for acquiring and processing Clouds Of Points from different standard sources such as laser triangulation, stereo vision and time of flight among others. Based on our experience, AQSENSE provides customized developments, 3D scanning and processing technology assessment and consultancy with already existing projects for customers in several industries, including automation, food and dental AQSENSE's industry offering puts special emphasis on how SAL3D offers an easy support to approach 3D MV applications. The combination of SAL3D with existing 2D libraries can help finding solutions not doable in 2D only.


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