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4th Vector Technologies, LLC

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  • Member Since 2015
  • Vision System Integrator

Since 1999, 4th Vector Technologies, LLC has been supplying integrating machine vision solutions for a wide range of industries including; automotive, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, medical device, packaging, food/beverage and manufacturing. Machine vision is our focus and specialty. We create stand-alone turn-key machine vision systems with Cognex Dataman, Cognex In-Sight, Cognex VisionPro, or MvTec Halcon for a wide range of manufacturing, assembly and packaging applications. We are also specialists in retrofitting existing installations. With a solid background in both Controls and Software Development, we can figure out how to communicated with any piece of equipment, whether it is a PLC, robot, or database. We have a streamlined process that emphasizes predictable proven methodology, responsiveness and transparency. Our services include full documentation and training to ensure your installation is a success. Contact us set up an evaluation.

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