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Certified Vision Professional Training

AIA provides educational courses and knowledge testing for vision professionals. There are two levels of CVP training: Basic and Advanced. Individuals may attend either set of courses in person or online, then take the corresponding certification exams at one of AIA's designated testing locations. Those with prior vision experience can choose to take the exam without attending the courses (although AIA recommends taking the courses first). With a passing grade on the exam, individuals will receive their CVP credentials. Continuing education every three years is required to maintain certification.

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AIA’s Certified Vision Professional - Basic Training Program

AIA’s Certified Vision Professional - Basic Program consists of five free courses taught by industry leaders. An in-person exam may be taken to obtain CVP-Basic certification.

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AIA's CVP-Advanced Training Program

AIA’s Certified Vision Professional - Advanced Program consists of 12 in-depth courses, taught by vision industry experts, that build upon the material in the CVP-Basic curriculum. A CVP-Advanced certification is currently the highest level of distinction for vision industry professionals worldwide. CVP-Basic certification is not required to obtain CVP-Advanced status, but it is recommended.

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Advanced Training

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System Integration Company Certification

Certified Vision Professionals

Helping Users Find Qualified System Integrators

The AIA Certified System Integrator program helps system integrators demonstrate their experience and capabilities and helps end users select a qualified partner. Our goal is to helkp ensure positive, successful experiences using machine vision and imaging systems in the marketplace.

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