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2013 Machine Vision Camera Study

AIA is proud to announce that their well-received Global Machine Vision Camera Study is back and updated for 2013!  This new version builds upon the success of AIA’s last study with fresh statistics and analyses for 2013.  Utilizing the format of its predecessor, this study begins with a general description of the market, and then builds on this description with a retail pricing analysis, a sales analysis and a trend analysis.  In total, the 68-page study consists of seven chapters, each of which provides a clear summary of findings with conclusions that help synthesize and explain large amounts of market data.

How is the market changing?  What are the sweet spots in the market?  What product features are the most popular?  What geographic regions are contributing the most sales?  What factors determine retail pricing?  How do different types of cameras compare in terms of their pricing, demand, market penetration and rates of growth?
  If you are interested in the answers to these questions and more in today’s market, then this study is for you!
AIA’s past research has shown that demand for MV cameras largely drives demand for other MV components.  Therefore, by analyzing the global camera market, we also gain important insights into the demand drivers for ancillary components and the markets they comprise.  This study is therefore highly recommended for not only camera manufacturers and suppliers but also for imaging board, optics, lighting and cable companies that seek to better understand their markets and maximize their sales.  Click here to view the Table of Contents for this study.
Delivered as a digital PDF.

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