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Market Opportunities in Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Since the time that fuel cells first powered spacecraft in earth’s orbit and on the moon, they have captured the imagination of many with a promise that is very compelling: clean, reliable and scalable power. As the search for new energy sources intensifies, fuel cells are increasingly showing promise. Cars with fuel cell powertrains are being beta tested at select locations with plans to enter into limited commercial production as early as 2015. The military is also showing interest in fuel cells as power sources for soldiers in the field, battle tanks, noiseless reconnaissance drones and stealthy submarines. Additionally, governments, large corporations and R & D facilities are pursuing or promoting the development of fuel cells for a host of other commercial applications. In this study, we explore whether in fact automation companies can realize market opportunities in the fuel cell market. To answer this question, we examine not only the emerging market but also some technical aspects of fuel cells and their manufacture.
This study can help you:
·         Learn the market drivers for increased use of fuel cells
·         Examine current market forecasts for fuel cell growth
·         Discover who the major fuel cell manufacturers are
·         Find out about government investments in fuel cell technology
·         Explore where robotics, vision, and motion control can be used in the manufacturing process
·         Uncover the major obstacles to increased use of fuel cells
·         Learn about the different types of fuel cells and their potential applications.

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