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Market Opportunities in the Wind Turbine Industry

This new global market is of particular interest because of its rapid growth (28.7% in 2008) and signs that it has reached the point where automation technologies may be needed for continued expansion.

The dramatic growth in the wind turbine market largely stems from strong governmental backing. Governments are interested in promoting wind power, because it is a widely available, renewable source of energy that is free of pollution and climate-changing greenhouse gases. 

We assess market opportunities in the wind turbine market by, first, determining the overall growth of this market. Second, we look at manufacturing processes to determine at which points in these processes automation technologies can add value. To do this, we look at how wind turbines work in terms of their component parts and how the most important parts are manufactured. We also consider whether some automation companies are already serving the wind turbine industry and what specific applications they are offering.

Topics included in this 15-page study are: 

  • The Anatomy of a Wind Turbine 
  • How Wind Turbines Work 
  • The Wind Turbine Market
    • Market Demand for Wind Energy
    • Major Market Participants (Manufacturers and Wind Turbine Component Manufacturers & Suppliers) 
  • Manufacturing Processes for Wind Turbine Components 
  • Automation Technology Applications and Components Serving the Wind Turbine Market 
  • An Assessment of Market Opportunities 
  • Conclusion 
Deliverable is a digital PDF.

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