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Robotics Books

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Applied Robotics II

This book is ideal for serious hobbyists with an interest in moving from simple reflexes to autonomous, AI-based robots. This book covers PMDC motor operation; rolling platform design; neural networks; instructions for building specific systems; artificial intelligence; vision and more.

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Robot Builder's Bonanza, 2nd Edition

This updated edition of Robot Builder's Bonanza features fascinating science tidbits, field-tested projects, and modular organization to make it easy to invent and build your own designs.

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Service Robots

This hardcover book is clearly written and well-researched. It portrays the development of a service robot from the original idea to the point of implementation. It describes the products available now and predicts what we can expect from service robots in the future.

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Robot Builder's Sourcebook

This book lists over 2500 international mail-order suppliers and other sources to help you find-common and uncommon robotics parts and supplies.

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