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What are the Benefits of AIA Membership?

What are the Benefits of Having an AIA Membership?The AIA is committed to advancing the global understanding and implementation of vision and imaging technologies. Because we intimately understand that organizations have different needs, we offer a wide range of membership options. As a result, AIA membership has helped hundreds of organizations from around the world, each with their challenges and goals, to network, grow, and connect. 

Why should you apply for AIA membership? Let’s explore a few of the benefits we offer.

Suppliers Get Exposure with AIA Membership

Manufacturers and distributors of imaging systems and components get a great amount of exposure from AIA membership. Each company gets a free profile page on Vision Online. Businesses can also post their complete offering to the Products & Services Catalog.

Members also receive significant savings on booth space at the AIA’s annual trade shows. Speaking opportunities at the AIA’s industry events help member suppliers to position themselves as experts in machine vision and imaging fields.

System Integrators Connect with AIA Membership

Vision, Robotics, and Automation Integrators with at least 65% of overall sales from system integration get access to exclusive networking opportunities that promote growth and connection within your industry. In particular, system integrators can interface directly with potential customers in the AIA’s “Ask the Experts” program.

In addition, all members receive an invitation to attend the A3 Business Forum, our premier networking event where system integrators can connect with industry leaders. Members are also included in the AIA’s Requests for Quotes program.

Affiliates Use AIA Membership to Access Information

Universities, research organizations, government agencies, consultants, and the press can receive access to exclusive market opportunity studies, industry data, and information about current trends. This membership also grants huge savings on the AIA’s annual market study.

Affiliates also get access to research on Machine Vision markets, industry results, and forecasts from the industry’s experts. University and research members are also listed on the Vision Research page.

Machine Vision Users Maximize ROI with AIA Membership

Vision systems are a significant investment for any business. AIA membership can help users to boost productivity and improve ROI metrics. Members are invited to AIA industry events where they can share best practices regarding their machine vision and imaging applications.

Machine Vision and Imaging Users can post job openings and review posted resumes in the AIA’s online Career Center. Members also receive opportunities to attend industry educational workshops and certification programs.

Get Your AIA Membership for 2020

The start of the year is an ideal time to join the AIA and leverage your new membership to support growth goals in 2020. Enjoy access to the entire year’s content, events, and opportunities. Make the new year easier by making the AIA your all-in-one solution for advanced vision expertise and networking.

Join the AIA today and open up a world of opportunities to grow your business.

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