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Welcome to the AIA Vision Blog

Machine vision is at the forefront of technological innovation today. AIA, the largest machine vision trade organization in the world, is dedicated to helping you stay informed about the latest developments in this exciting field.

Our blog will explore all the latest news from pioneers in the practice of machine vision. AIA is proud to represent more than 300 companies from dozens of countries, giving our team unique insight into where machine vision is today and where it is going.

When you visit the blog, you’ll have access to vetted, informative articles about:

  • How machine vision supports applications in various industries.
  • The exciting ways machine vision is being used for quality assurance.
  • The evolution of machine vision at the cutting edge of manufacturing.
  • The difference machine vision makes in personal and national security.
  • How imaging technologies are evolving and improving faster than ever.

Major shifts in industrial and consumer technology are making machine vision applications accessible to professionals and the public in ways that were impossible just a few years ago. The mobile revolution, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things all promise to put tomorrow’s vision technology in the palm of end users’ hands.

The AIA Blog is a Resource Engineers Interested in Machine Vision Can Count On

AIA counts among its members a variety of machine vision pioneers:

  • The enterprises that develop vision systems and their components
  • Integrators, distributors, and Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Leading implementation consultants in a wide variety of industries
  • Universities and research teams that study machine vision issues

No matter who you are or what your area of interest is, you can rely on the AIA blog for fresh, incisive, and insightful discussion of machine vision trends. We welcome input from our members and thought leaders in the machine vision community.

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