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Understanding Embedded Systems in Industrial Vision Applications, Pt. 4

What is Embedded Vision Changing About the Way Machines and People Interact?

Part 4 of 4

Embedded vision technology radically changes our machines and the ways we interact with them. From smart phones to automobiles, embedded vision transforms the function and capabilities of the products we use every day, making them more valuable than ever.

There are a few distinct ways in which embedded vision changes the way we interact with our products. Essentially, embedded vision immerses us in our products in a more natural way, or allows our products to better augment our existing capabilities.

Embedded Vision Adds Immersion and More Natural Interaction

When thinking about consumer electronics, vision systems that recognize player movement in video games add functionality to the game, but also allow for more seamless integration between the player and the game. No longer is a controller needed to translate the player’s desired actions – the system can interpret them through the player's movements.

In this scenario, the interaction with the video game and the console is far more natural than using a controller, but there’s also an added level of immersion into the game when a player uses their own movements to control movements in the game.

Embedded Vision Augments Existing Capabilities

Embedded vision allows our products to add to our existing capabilities. For example, augmented reality (AR) could allow a worker on a factory floor to get assembly directions on a pair of smart glasses. These directions could line up in real-time with the part that’s being assembled.

In this way, embedded vision technology is adding to the capabilities and skillset of the worker, who already has the inherent ability to assemble a part but is reminded of the proper steps by the AR system. This same concept could apply to a physician using a handheld imaging device to help make a diagnosis. Embedded vision systems, as opposed to automating our tasks, often aid us in them, becoming a critical part of how we complete these tasks.

Embedded vision has incredible disruptive potential and completely transforms the products it’s integrated into. As this technology continues to advance and more products adopt embedded capabilities, the way we interact with our products will continue to change.

To learn more about embedded vision, visit our educational section on embedded vision technology and the embedded marketplace.

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