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Understanding Embedded Systems in Industrial Vision Applications, Pt. 1

What are Embedded Systems in Industrial Vision Applications?

Part 1 of 4

Understanding Embedded Systems in Industrial Vision Applications Embedded systems are typically computer systems, comprised of hardware and/or software, built to carry out a specific function within a larger system. Industrial machines, automobiles, medical equipment, mobile devices and more all contain embedded systems that are critical for their overall functionality.

When compared to general purpose computing systems, embedded systems usually feature lower power consumption, drastically smaller sizes, and durability in rugged environments. Embedded systems are diverse in their applications, spanning the industrial and consumer markets.

What are Embedded Vision Systems?

Within the larger ecosystem of embedded systems exists a unique type of system: embedded vision systems. These systems incorporate vision and image capture, along with image processing capabilities, all into one system that’s embedded within a larger system.

Embedded vision systems differ from traditional machine vision systems in the sense that much of the computing responsibility is handled within the embedded system itself, whereas machine vision systems require an external PC. Embedded vision is an exciting new technology with major potential in a wide range of industries, including industrial and consumer products. By bringing imaging and computer vision capabilities to new and existing products, embedded vision enables new forms of autonomy, image recognition and machine learning.

Embedded Vision System Uses in Industrial Applications

Embedded vision systems are used in many different applications in the industrial sector. In the defense sector for example, where military embedded systems are projected to reach a market value of over $100 billion by 2021, embedded vision systems are used in avionics when pilots’ vision is obstructed, as well as in combat vehicles for autonomous navigation.

Embedded vision systems are also used in the medical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, robotic, and aerospace industries, among many others. Embedded vision is a versatile technology with major disruptive potential in the industrial sector.

In the broader context of embedded systems, embedded vision specifically relates to the capture and processing of imaging in the form of embedded hardware and software. While relatively new, embedded vision systems have major growth potential within the industrial sector.

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